IT HAS  been said that the longest journey begins with the first step.

  For the House of Hope and Stepping Stones, a charitable organization, the journey began in January 1968 with two buildings housing a total of 18 men and 12 women.

  From that mustard seed-like beginning a beautiful tradition of people helping people has grown to eight buildings treating 92 men and 38 women with substance dependence and co-occurring disorders in two gender specific facilities.

  The House of Hope and Stepping Stones offers the needed help in a residential treatment setting for persons with chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. We provide a holistic approach utilizing best practices in the field of addiction and integrated behavioral health that enhances the recovery process.

  Treatment is the first step in a life-long process. We believe that treating the whole person not only their substance dependence will produce a positive outcome for the person served, the family, and the community.

  The core treatment program focuses on responsibility, accountability, and respect. We make recovery possible by supplying the person served with the tools needed to address their substance dependence, mental health issues and living issues.

 In our therapeutically safe environment the person served receives:
  Group and individual therapy
  Weekly educational sessions and seminars
  Job skills training
  Employment counseling when appropriate
  Family education and groups

Our specialized programs include, but are not limited to:
  Education designed on the needs of the individual
  Life skills seminars
  Parenting Programs
  Anger Management
  Victims Empowerment
  Mentoring and community involvement
  Re-entry Program

  As a result of treatment, the person served becomes responsible for their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. They develop the therapeutic skills to interact with family members and integrate back into the community by obtaining self-sufficiency



  House of Hope & Stepping Stones is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment to every person served. We are committed to serving the individual and the community while maintaining the highest quality of care. The agency's Quality Improvement Program, with Board of Trustee oversight, person served participation through community meetings, input from family member and funding sources, preserves this standard of excellence.

  Our Board of Trustees, management staff, employees and community are aware of our commitment to Equal Opportunity Employment. Our clinical teams are certified and licensed professionals, trained in chemical dependency, mental health as well as being culturally competent regarding ethnic and linguistic differences and the religious beliefs of the persons served.

Our aim for each person we serve is to:
  Develop a positive attitude toward body, mind and spirit
  Develop a sound Relapse Prevention Plan as a product of      treatment and aftercare
  Have tools and information needed to help understand, obtain and maintain their recovery
  Reduce the likelihood of returning to addiction and criminal behavior
  Return to the community as productive citizens and as positive family members.


For over 40 years, House of Hope & Stepping Stones has returned back to the community responsible, working individuals that remain substance free.

The journey begins with the first step.