What We Do

Provide hope and healing to people who suffer from substance abuse and mental illness without the financial resources to seek treatment. Our goal is to return our residents to the community as productive and self-supporting, thus reducing dependence on government support or a life of crime.

Rebuild Lives
Restore Families
Strengthen Communities

Join Us in Saving Lives

Please join us in our efforts to restore lives, families and hope to those in need. Your contribution supports programming that transforms lives by providing the tools and support to overcome addiction. Everyone is affected when a loved one has an addiction!

Because of YOU we can rebuild families, one life at a time…

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Who We Are

House of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the treatment and support of those with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions. Since 1969, House of Hope/Stepping Stones has provided hope and healing to more than 500 men and women annually, in both a residential and outpatient setting.

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