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Treatment often begins in our residential setting, where we assess the needs of each individual and design a plan for treatment. Whether it is addiction or a co-occurring mental illness, we have the capacity to aid individuals utilizing our evidence-based curriculum. We provide psychiatric services, individual and group therapy, medical services, 12 step meetings, family services when needed, and aftercare. We offer GED programming onsite and work with each client to further their educational and vocational aspirations.

House of Hope is a non-secure residential facility utilizing a Modified Therapeutic Communities Model. We provide a highly structured residential environment in which the primary goals are the treatment of substance abuse and mental health services and the fostering of personal growth and accountability.

We have two established facilities; both located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

House of Hope is our men’s residential facility in Fort Lauderdale, where we have capacity for 96 individuals.

Stepping Stones, also located in Fort Lauderdale caters to women and has capacity for 42 individuals.

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Program Goals

Here at our facilities, we provide a highly structured residential environment for residents.
We have two primary goals we strive to achieve:

The treatment of substance abuse
and mental health conditions

Transforming lives and reconnecting families

Additional Model:

Integrated within the Modified Therapeutic Community Model, is the Criminal Justice program, which serves
special populations comprised of accused or adjudicated individuals referred from within the criminal justice
system who are in need of treatment for substance abuse, often incarcerated for crimes
related to their addiction.